Healing Circles, Meditations, Ceremonies for People, Animals and the Earth
These are the ways in which we come together to heal and celebrate each other.

Drum Circles
Seasonal Meditations and Celebrations
Healing Circles
Teachings on Homeopathy, Intuitive Healing, Animal Communication
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Tender Intuitive Healing for Animals

Many of our family animals have problems with emotional and mental problems, as well as physical problems with digestion, muscle, joint and bone issues, preparation and recovery from surgery, as well as in hospice times. Energy healing is able to help with many of these problems, alone or in support of veterinary care.

“As a wildlife rehabilitator I have worked with many animals over the last six years. This time spent with hawks,owls, fox woodchucks, Kristine with Sofiblue jays and crows, to name a few, has been the most valuable time of my life.These animals are my teachers. They have taught me to listen and tune into each creature with an open heart to understand how I can be of help. This work with wild animalshas led to requests for healing work with family animals, such as cats, dogs, horses and exotic birds. I like to work with you and your animals together. The healing is vibration, like all of life everywhere. I support the work with flower essences and homeopathic remedies. The roots of my work are in the shamanism passed down to me by my great-great-grandfather..” ---Kristine


Awakening Gatherings

Happiness is our natural state, but, sometimes, it seems out of sight, forgotten, or even, unattainable. Come gather with me to clear the debris that is blocking your connection to your own peace, bliss and happiness. We'll play with energy and re-establish and strengthen the hook up to the morphic field of happiness! It's all part of the woo-woo fun stuff that I've been adding to my tool kit recently. Let's have a cup of tea or coffee and some gentle, playful, wonderful, delightful healing energy for whatever clouds are hanging around!

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Kristine is a lightworker, in the purest sense of the word. I have attended and experienced a very gentle vibrational shift during her heavenly Rose Meditation. I’ve also experienced first-hand a one-on-one healing session with Kristine which helped me to focus more clearly and effectively than I had in years.Kristine incorporates an astounding array of techniques that includes flower essences, aromatherapy, journeywork, breathwork, Polarity therapy and an amazing new paradigm in quantum healing that reaches both multi-dimensional and cellular levels. Kristine is also a certified wildlife rehabilitator and I have personally witnessed her sensitive and gentle healing work with these animals as well as my own special companion, Lucy. She is a true gift to our community and I highly recommend her services.
---Audrey Cusson, Co-owner, Mirabai of Woodstock.


The Chinese Energetic technique locates and identifies the root source of symptoms and makes adjustments resulting in immediate and obvious physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes. In my case, working with Kristine eliminated completely a problem that had been chronic for years.
---Shana Cutler


I am living in my power now more than at any other time in my life. Kristine’s work helped me push through some deep barriers that I had been holding onto for years and maybe longer. Her work was an integral catalyst in bringing forth the success and prosperity I am living and enjoying today.
---Matt Beres


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